Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homework Assignments 1-3

I am posting our homework in no particular order so that we don't spoil anything from the story. So, to begin we have three easy assignments.

Assignment #1
Fellatio, pick one of the following positions:

Assignment #2

Dry hump (is there a more appropriate term for that?) in one of the following positions:

Assignment #3
Cunnilingus in one of the three following positions:

Remember, this is supposed to be fun. 

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  1. Glad you got the comments working Doc.

    I have to confess to not having done any extra homework for this but having covered the work extensively in the past I will add my tuppence worth (2 cents.

    Dry Hump:- Missionary gives a lot of body contact but can be difficult for the woman to get satisfactory friction unless she straddles one of his thighs. Cowgirl offers more opportunities to touch in other ways and to watch each other.

    Fellatio:- Do guys ever complain about this? Isn't it all good? From the womans perspective oral therapy and gameson is easier to get a good head bobbing motion going. Most guys get really turned on by watching, particularly from a more dominant position so I would say gameson wins out.

    Cunnilingus:- I think we might need to practice this a bit more, we haven't been as adventurous in this area. I wonder why... Not that I mind lying back and letting him do all the work...

    Ok then I think I will go into a corner and blush now...

  2. Fellatio: Gameson will allow for more movement than the usual without having to be too out there for the first assignment. Gameson wins for me!

    Dry Hump: Definitely Cowgirl all the way!

    Cunnilingus: Earmuffs get my vote. I haven't tried it, but it looks fun!

  3. So, last night we tackled dry humping... I really can't say that I've had much call for that since high school. It's okay, but we seriously cracked up halfway through and moved on to other activities. Cowgirl was more enjoyable for me. I have to agree with dihenydd that if you're going to try missionary for a dry hump that straddling a thigh is preferable.

    The Doctor and I will be discussing assignments 1 and 3 more extensively in a day or two. We're going to be a bit more thorough with those.

  4. Okay, ladies. Hubs helped me fulfill Assignment #3 last night without prior knowledge of said assignment. His bowling night tends to be a fun night for us as a little bit of alcohol and some shit talking with the boys makes my boy very eager upon returning home. AND #3 spreadeagle is a guaranteed way of waking the wife up it seems. Had never tried earmuffs so after I was conscious I rolled to that position and now it's on my fave list. Have to say the new beard gives a whole other realm of pleasure as well.

  5. *Deep breath* Okay, here goes (Why do I find it so easy to write about this stuff in my lemons, but when it's about the hubster and me, I get all Bella-flushed?).

    Assignment #1 - Can I have two shiny silver stars, since hubster came home from a 3-day busines trip and 5 freaking days without some lovin', both Oral Therapy and the Usual started off our reunion. Yeah, TMI, but what the hell, we're all here for fun and the same reasons, right?

    Personally I love Oral Therapy, your partner has access to Missy Happy Pinky Parts (or Mister Hot Pocket Rocket) on the side, as well as other offerings. Big thumbs up, great holiday family fun for both of us!

    Assignment #2: Ima get back to you on this one. Attempted while watching "Mythbusters HD" once Team Teen had gone off to bed, but apparently my Pony Girl technique was not enough to tear himself away from Jamie and that other guy blowing things up.

    Assignment #3:A+, but none of the assigned positions. Can I get partial credit?

    Here's a question that I feel safe asking here: Can you recommend a vibrator for me? I got the green light (well, I would have green-lighted it myself, but, well, you know, there's that 'he's paying for it' thing) to buy one, and honestly don't have the first freaking clue about them. I feel like Bella in The Screamers, minus the fuckhawt Robstar BF.


  6. I'm loving you all right now. Can I admit to never actually having a dry hump? *blushes*

    I will have to use that for my homework.... the other two are not really an issue with me. LOL!

  7. So I could have answered from memory but Alex and I thought it was more serious to do it again. For the sake of research of course!

    Assignment N°1

    we both love Game's on. But Alex says that oral therapy feels also very very good for a guy.

    Assignment N°2
    us too :Cowgirl all the way.
    Missionary is only good if the girl's feet are on the guy shoulders.

    Assignment N°3
    I love earmuffs(really, really love it!I never climax faster than like this)
    Alex loves Ridingtheface (really, really loves it!because he says it's more erotic for him and that he sees and touches more of me)lol

    DM from Alex:
    Tu nous donnes des devoirs quand tu veux Lambie!

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  9. Hmmmm.... Three assignments... I will have to tackle these in turn. I want to give good details as I am the only male on here so far.

    Let's start with #1: Fellatio
    This is easily one of my favorites. Unfortunately, my wife has never really liked it. Therefore, I don't often have the opportunity to receive it. Thanks to this assignment, she went all out.

    We went with GamesOn. It was simple and quite enjoyable. I am not sure of the fine points of techniques, but I must say that there is a reason it is also referred to as a "hummer." Whenever DW moaned, the vibrations caused by the vocal chords sent chills of pleasure throughout my body! That alone was outstanding.

    She also avoided using her teeth, which I understand that some women like, but generally speaking, most men I know DO NOT!

    I think that the most important part came at the end (no pun intended). She has never stuck through the end. Normally I would warn her, or she would feel the muscles begin to tense up and finish by hand. This is the first time that she continued through the very end.

    I must admit that I have heard many men argue the spit vs. swallow debate. (This is a side story I can tackle later if you want.) I never thought I cared, but it really does make a difference. The head is always extra sensitive post-ejaculation. When she continued I felt what were perhaps the single most intense physical sensations that I have EVER felt in my life.

    This is a GREAT idea for those who are writing about fellatio or performing it. I always believed that the spit or swallow was a non-factor (more psychological: ie, she doesn't want me). Instead, it matters in the physical, and can truly mean the difference between a great time and an absolutely mind-blowing experience.

    More to come (again... no pun intended).

  10. (A note to those who know me in some way shape or form off of this blog: I wasn't always a religious person. As such, my values don't always line up with my experience.)

    So... Fellatio
    Admittedly I used to be a complete and total wimp about this. Guys used to ask for it and I would find some excuse to just have sex instead. I think that oral sex is actually more intimate than intercourse. It's an act that is completely about giving and there are factors like taste and scent, which although it's a factor with regular sex it's totally different when your nose and mouth are actually down there.

    Having said that ... I've actually been attempting to give The Doctor head for a couple of months now. He generally stops me to move on to other things. Then there's the whole failed fellatio incident when someone trimmed his nether region and didn't shower between that and sexytime - fellatio fail. SO... a couple of nights ago happened to be the first chance I had at it since deciding that I would indeed go all the way for my man and swallow.

    It actually wasn't that big of a deal. I'm not sure what my problem was before but it actually turned me on this time around. Hence, the moaning. I had actually heard that this was a good idea from somewhere ... probably from a lemon ...

    At any rate, the taste wasn't great or anything but not nearly as bad as I remembered. (I'm fairly certain that at some point I didn't successfully talk my way out of it with someone and had a bad experience on that end. I could have sworn that the whole spitting and nearly loosing dinner incident was with The Doctor but he doesn't remember it so it must have been someone else.) I will say that when you have bronchitis is probably not the time to attempt swallowing. Mucus and mucus tend to mix and it's not good.

    All in all, it was a good experience. I would definitely try this in the "Game's On" position again.

  11. That was pretty interesting Doc and Kat. Regarding swallowing - it always reminds me of the description in 'Reality Minus Expectations' that it's a 'little bit gross and a lot sexy'. But it definitely doesn't taste like Skittles (Frenemies). In the end swallowing seems a whole lot easier and less messy than spitting.

    I agree about bronchitis, in fact anything (such as hayfever) that makes breathing through you nose difficult is going to make fellatio less than pleasant for the giver. So let's hope Bella doesn't need her inhaler...

    Kat, I'm with you I think oral is much more intimate than penetrative sex. Maybe it has something to do with being more exposed?

  12. All I know is that I love nothing more than lettin' the knees hit the floor and start humming around his cock; I know he loves it and knowing that I can bring him so much pleasure is an incredible turn on for me. I have no problem swallowing, at all; if nothing else, at least for me, it shows that I trust him completely and I'm willing to do this for him.

    Damn! When's he gonna get home from work?

  13. Ok... I did my own homework. Out of the three a dry hump was the one I'd never tried. I actually find giving Hubs a blow job a huge turn on, for me as well as him... and what woman in there right mind would protest to getting the favour returned? ;) So last night Hubs was on the couch... and we tried the dry hump.... and failed. It was the most hysterically funny thing we have done in months! And though neither of us got off, I think it was well worth trying. We laughed - and thats got to be a good thing.

    Mwah xx

  14. ok the assignments.. couldnt do the he (no bf right now) but from experience..

    #1 - i like games on and the usual. but for some reason i always end up on my knees or he riding my face. i like it when the guy controls me a bit

    #2 definitely the cowgirl. get the most friction. i dont think ive ever really gotten off dry humping though..

    #3 - im all about the spread eagle but wouldn't mind experimenting with the earmuffs.. now to find some one who will assist me...

    and about AzureEyedI question. im in the market for a vibrator too and have no idea where to start. any suggestions?

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  16. i think.... the problem with dry humping is when we think of it we automatically get reminded of fumbling teenagers and the idea of a sexually active couple going back to that is amusing.. adding to that there is the issue of getting the right friction for the female..
    and very soon i will stop sounding like a text book (a very badly written one at that)

    Also the whole Spit/Swallow debate.. in my opinion it is easier to just swallow.. it gets it out of the way and its not as messy as spitting.. also are you really going to have a cup at the side of you to spit into when you have finished?? chances are no..
    I have to admit when I was with my ex I would sometimes find another way to finish him off..
    As for assignment 3... well who doesnt enjoy that ;).. never really did Spreadeagle often because the ex said it hurt his neck.. i dont believe we ever tried earmuffs although i do want to.. (so ima gonna have to find me a guy to do so)... we did do riding the face quite often which i do enjoy... the control is mixed because obviously you can move your hips however you need to and his hands have more skin available to touch..

    right now i am most deffo off to get me a guy..

  17. So we just tried OralTherapy. Results inconclusive... he thinks we may have to try it again... several times... before coming to a conclusion...

  18. HI... I'm back. (Finally)
    As for #2, it was just full of FAIL! We tried making it sexy, and everything was lousy. Neither of us really enjoyed it, and ended up laughing. I likewise felt like a high schooler again. It's only worthwhile if your morals prevent you from taking your clothes off.

    Then again, I could see it worked into a scene where they are in public and not wanting to expose themselves. But there is still the lack of reality where neither of those positions are practical in public, nor were they fulfilling for either of us.

  19. Now for the fun one: Cunnilingus.

    I personally have always enjoyed going down on my wife, but she never really cared for it until recently (for various reasons outside of performance). For this assignment we attempted the classic "spread eagle" position and "earmuffs" is next in line.

    I must admit that I have never had any real instruction on how exactly to do it, and therefore I tend to focus more on the clitoris than anything else. (Yes, ladies, contrary to popular opinion, men do know about the clitoris and some of us can actually find it.) With this in mind, I have to hit a few points that were important to me:

    Firstly, DW shaved for me. And I mean EVERYTHING! This turned out to be a LOT hotter than I even imagined. I guess for one thing is that I knew she did it for ME, not her. Also, there is a practical element to consider here. While performing my task, there is nothing more annoying than a hair somehow working its way into the picture. I don't know how it manages to do that, but it always seems to. It's kind of like having a little pebble in your shoe: it's nothing major, but it is enough to distract you and affect how you walk. Same thing with pubic hair. For this reason, I must say that trimming is essential. Not necessarily a full shave, but definitely trim down there.

    Now that this is out of the way, I want to hit on the homework. Much like Kat said about fellatio, I found that her reactions turned me on as much as, if not moreso, than the act itself. From my perspective, the greatest reaction came from actually sucking on the clitoris itself. I can only equate this with the humming addressed previously.

    The thing that I like about "spread eagle" is that it is easy and comfortable for the two of us. Also, since I am providing clitoral stimulation, the position allows me to use a free hand for digital penetration and access to her G-spot. This action combined provides a reaction from her that is nearly enough to set me off as is.

    Quite frankly, I do find oral sex to be somewhat more intimate than coitus as it provides greater vulnerability and certainly far more sensual because it utilizes ALL of the senses (big shock, right?). The addition of taste and smell to the sight, sound, and touch of coitus creates a unique bond between a couple.

    We are excited to try earmuffs next, but I know that will limit our previous experience. After all (in full confession of my limitations) how often can I really access my wife's G-spot and clitoris simultaneously?

  20. Oh... and one more question was thrown at me for the male perspective. What about vibrators?

    Okay, you asked for it... but remember, I can only speak for me.

    Personally, I LOVE them!! They offer variety without threatening me. Think about it: if I have finished, but DW wants more, it is a wonderful tool to assist if I have gone flaccid. Moreover, they provide extra stimulation with digital penetration. This is great for a quickie for her.

    Also, there is no real need for me to feel threatened for at least two reasons: The only ones we have are smaller than me (no that is not by accident); hence no jealousy. Secondly, the real thing can provide certain things that the fake one cannot, such as body warmth, pressure fully on the vulva, and (if the man is paying attention) it can be far more responsive to the woman's needs.

    Therefore, I see them as a toy and tool, rather than a threat to my masculinity.

  21. Just when you thought that we'd done our homework and were done posting ...

    Alright, last night I was halfway on the way to dreamland, when someone decided to get me back for waking him up with my cold feet when I came to bed, in a deliciously naughty way. I'm not complaining either.

    We (or should I say he because I was still groggy and in a sleep-induced haze for the beginning) tried a different "dry hump" position. He was laying on his back and I curled into his side to sleep. Apparently when he pinched a nipple I started rocking, and he went for it. I think that he turned over a bit to get a better angle and put his thigh between mine. That worked pretty well, I did use my hand to stimulate him, since there was no friction for him in that position.

    Moving on to cunnilingus, we tried "earmuffs" and wow! I'm not exactly sure what he was doing but that wins over "spread eagle."

    On the fellatio assignment, we tried "oral therapy" only I was kneeling on the bed next to him. Apparenly he really enjoys the vibration because he decided to reach over and offer some digital stimulation, which he couldn't do in the "game's on" position. (Although it's not the point of this assignment, I will say that I eventually had to ask him to stop because I couldn't handle being teased.) I found that "oral therapy" gave me a much better angle than "game's on" and I was able to get more of him in my mouth.

    As for the prior discussion about shaving, I didn't specifically shave for oral sex, nor did he ask me to do so. He had hinted that it was something that he was interested in a few months back, and I took some time to mull it over before surprising him with it. I have to say that recieving is much better without the hair.

  22. Earmuffs was definitely different. From the angle I was at, I could not access the clitoris orally, so I focused on the labia and vagina. Fortunately, the position allowed for clitoral stimulation with my hand. It seemed to be received well (no pun intended).

    If anyone has any advice on how to work that better, please let me know.

  23. Did all the assignments last night. I tried Riding the Face, cause for some reason, I'd never done it before. I actually like that position much better.

  24. okay... finally finished the assignments... started Friday off with oral therapy... have to say that we never really did this properly with me actually kneeling on the floor as the bed is a bit high or the couch as a bit low. so I piled up pillows and used the bed. interesting... DH could actually go deeper and he liked that quite a bit more than usual... bugger actually held out even longer cause he was enjoying it so much. *smirk* I did ask DH about the teeth issue as I never realized that some guys don't seem to care for it and I always use my teeth, scraping on the way up. DH said he enjoys it when we discussed the issue... I do mix up the teeth scraping with swirling the tip with my tongue and FYI he has a sensitive spot on the underside of the head (similar to the clit I suppose) that when constantly teased with either tongue or fingers can make him come quickly.

    started Sunday off right with DH waking me up with my favourite cunning version, spreadeagle. sometimes this can be a hit or miss for me and I find myself filling guilty if it seems to take too long and it just ain't gonna happen ~ stress is usually a big factor. today was a good day though, DH was right on target, brain/fantasy and clit were talking to each other, and we quickly started the day off on a happy and long high note.

    as for dry hump... c'mon that's fun as teenagers in the back room at a party... well I do miss it but with DH gone so much you want to enjoy all the time you can get together. tried the cowgirl with a new slant... he did all the work. *giggle* had to say it was rather fun and actually felt like riding a horse. thing about morning sex though is morningwood ~ so that has to be taken care of later...

    DH wants extra credit for the hand job he got this afternoon since he didn't get his happy ending earlier in the day. for someone who seems to give me a lot of shit about TwiPorn he sure is getting into these homework assignments.

  25. Love reading all the comments! It's nice to have a male perspective as hubs isn't too vocal besides a bit of moaning and an "Oh, God!" every now and then.

    We finished up our assignments this weekend. The dry humping was pretty much fail. Did the cowboy on the couch for about two minutes before I slid on down to my knees to work on the fellatio portion of the assisgnment.

    I've never been all that much into giving blowjobs unless we are doing the "69" and I'm getting a little something at the same time. However, for the sake of research I went for the gameson which of course he absolutely loved. And the humming seemed to get him off rather quickly as well. I'm a swallower as spitting just doesn't feel natural. Happy me did get reciprocation with another round of earmuffs once we made it upstairs and into bed.

    I think I need to get us a deck of cards...

  26. I've gone the shaving the puss routine, and can say from personal experience that waxing is the way to go. Yeah, it wasn't exactly painless at first, but if you find a great waxer, who uses both soft and hard wax, you can get Miss Kitty nice and smooth, and my DH was muy happy when he discovered what I did for him - he hasn't had any complaints, and I'm getting more Kitty lickin'action than in the past; let's face it - no guy or gal wants a mouth full of hair pie!

  27. With where we live, finding a good waxer is going to be darn near impossible. I actually have the appropriate types of wax to do it but I had great difficulty because my hair's really really thick even after trimming it down. I'm thinking that it may be easier as it grows back in to get it. I've waxed my own legs, eyebrows, and bikini line for years.

    I'm fairly certain that we're going to be sticking with the bare puss.

  28. The bare puss is a winner.

  29. The bare puss discussion has been pretty interesting. I had always worried that going hairless was somehow very barbie doll and that men who were so keen on it were suspect as it seemed to infer a preference for prepubescent girls. So it is gratifying to appreciate there are real practical reasons for it to be desirable.

  30. I have to say that I never thought that fellatio would be empowering. It always sounded kind of gross and like I'd be giving up too much control. But wow ... Ben really liked that!

    I used the dry hump as a prelude to it while he watched the game. I'm not sure but I don't think that he knows how it ended.

    He tried to perform cunnilingus on me but I'm just not relaxed enough for that yet.

    Wait, there are people who shave off everything in real life? Seriously? I thought that a lack of pubic hair was something limited to the adult film industry, not that I'd know anything about that, but I've heard ...

  31. Oh Angela ... come and let us corrupt you ...

  32. I was the same way Angela is about shaving. I never thought that "real people" did that. I also thought that the pubescent connotations to being shaved was particularly creepy. However, as stated, there are some very nice, practical, and enjoyable reasons for it. I am glad to know that it will be a regular thing!