Monday, November 30, 2009

Homework Assignments 8 and 9

Hello darlings!  I trust that everyone had a pleasant weekend and that the Americans are now stuffed with enough turkey and pumpkin pie to keep them groggy and compliant for a while. 

Why compliant?  Because we're back to positions!  So, do what you need to do to coax your partner into the following:

Assignment # 8:

The See Saw

When you've had enough play-time move on to #9

Assignment # 9:


This one says that it's a modification of Jellyfish.  Let's hope that we have better luck with it.  It looks easier on the knees.


  1. okay will just say that assignment 9 is completed because that is pretty much what the jellyfish morphed into and then that morphed into the see-saw so assignement 8 is completed...

    I really have to look into those yoga classes to work on my flexibility some more...

  2. We tried see saw this morning before church. Actually, we were late to church because of it, but that happens everynow and then right?

    Anyway, there were some definite positives. It was a long thrust, which felt good, and it was a lot easier to see the "connection" between us, which always wicked hot to see!!

    On the other hand, this position did not provide that great of an orgasm. It was good, but it wasn't "good" if you catch my drift.

    In the end, this will definitely make it into our repitoie, but will be used as a starting position before we move into a more "business" position.

    The see saw is a recommended must try, but it is not necessarily THE must try.

  3. I coaxed him into these two but I really don't see the appeal.

  4. I agree with The Doc on see saw. It's good, not my favorite. We had to modify it a bit because I'm a lot shorter than he is. When we tried with our hands positioned like the are on SexInfo we found that I was still sitting straight up and we couldn't achieve the desired motion.

    The orgasm was pretty weak. And I couldn't see the spiffy view that he got because I have a tummy, not that I think that I'd have been able to get an angle to see it if the tummy were smaller.

    All in all, it was nice. I suppose that it's probably a good position for those who enjoy gentle and slow. Perhaps I just wasn't in the right mood for it?