Thursday, December 31, 2009

Homework: Extra Credit

Alright ladies... Thanks to Mal's frilly panties we're going to have an extra credit assignment this evening.  ;-)

The Doc got me my own Sex Deck for Christmas they're different from the official deck.  (Amazon has it listed in the sporting goods section.) Tonight's extra credit will be coming from there.  At random (I really did shuffle), The following two cards have been chosen:

The Queen of Hearts:
"The Drama Queen" or Bridge

Bridge is the closest approximation I can find, on my card the female recipient is in a more flat supine position.


The Two of Clubs:
"The Ambush" or Screw

Okay, Screw isn't quite right but it's the closest approximation on SexInfo.  In "The Ambush" the woman lays down with her legs bent up and the male comes from the side.

Happy New Year!

(Photo borrowed from the BBC Wales because I thought that the bridge should be smiling.)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Homework Assignments 10 & 11

I hope that everyone was successful last week.  I noticed that very few of you responded.  This week's homework looks interesting.

Assignment 10:


I'm pulling out my heels and potentially a box.

Assignment 11:

Stand and Carry

This one is a classic.  It looks hot, let's see how hot it actually is ...

I suggest looking at the instructions on the page.  We've tried this once before and I think that the key to it is that this is a second position, not a first.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Multiple Orgasms: The Male Perspective

Okay, this was a discussion that I somehow got sucked into, and I am still not sure exactly how that happened. There were some questions and some surprises from some of the things that I said, so I decided (after being asked by at least 2 people) to put it out there.

So here is the fundamental question that I am trying to tackle: How do I, as a man, give a woman multiple orgasms?

First and foremost, this is NOT, I repeat, NOT an everytime occurrence. Any program or advertisement out there that says it will happen is selling something. Be aware of that. Then again, they may just be better at sex than I am, which I freely admit is not only possible, but probable. However, there are many factors at play each time you have sex that can directly affect her enjoyment of the experience?

Consider some examples. Is she:

Now, this is not all on her. Men, are you:
Thinking of only your needs?
Paying attention to your partner?

There is a LOT of responsibility on your part to succeed in this endeavor. Now, let me tell you how I have managed to accomplish this on more than one occasion.

The NUMBER ONE thing I have to do is pay attention to my wife. Is she in the mood, interested in a longer night, and willing to work with me. (Yes she has a role to play in this as well, but I will let my DW explain her side of it.) If she's not ready for it for whatever reason, it will not happen.

Secondly, pay attention to all of her needs. Listen, feel, sense, and respond. Take care of her first. If you can get her to orgasm first, you are well on your way to multis.

Thirdly, don't go first!!! I don't know how to tell you to guarantee this, but let me admit something sad and embarrassing up front. I am pretty much the proverbial "two hump chump." I would always go first, and way too soon for her. When she comes first, everything becomes more sensitive to your touch, caress, fondle, and thrust. In other words, the first orgasm is the hardest. Once she does that, you should be well on your way to building up the next one. It's not like men. Once we come, we want to have a snack or turn on the TV for half an hour. Not so for women. They are still aroused, and can increase if you are paying attention to their needs!!

I learned, over time, that the best thing for me to do was to distract myself. I'd think of cars, guns, TV shows, work, whatever it took to distract me from the sex in which I was engaged. That mental removal helped my longevity.

Now, once you do orgasm, that is when your work really begins. Yes, take the moment and enjoy yourself, but then you need to start kegeling. If you are not familiar with this, then just think of it this way, flex the muscles that you would use to stop peeing. It'll help keep the blood inside the penis. It won't be the best, but it will remain functional if you do it properly. You need to understand that this doesn't just happen. Practice kegeling everyday. Do it 50 times or so. I freely admit that it sounds stupid, but it works.

Also, now is the time for a complete mental 180! Now is the time to focus on everything that you are doing together. Stay in the moment. The sexual activity combined with the kegels will help you stay aroused long enough to regain full strength of a normal erection.

Please note that this is not easy, and there have been times where I had to slow or stop while I worked to maintain that post-orgasm erection. This could even be a good time to switch to some cowgirl position so that you can access the clitoris while she takes over the driver's seat. If she takes charge, you can steal a moment to try and "recharge the batteries."

Please remember that this is not a cure all. These pointers are just that: pointers! This is what has worked for my wife and myself. We have found success, and she has achieved multiple orgasms through my hard work and her... doing whatever it is that she does.

Just for the record, I usually maintain a usable erection for about 10 minutes after my orgasm, although my record is about 30.

On nights that we do this (in recent history, about 2-3 per month) she will have 3 orgasms to my one, although they are usually smaller in power, but longer in time. The one that I am proud of is also our record. We're not sure of the final count, but she had no less than 6 orgasms to my one. Please recognize that phrasing: "our recod"! This is a team sport, and you both have to be on board for it to work. Men, this means you have to work at it!!!

Now, I hope that this helps some of you, but I can only attest to that which has worked for us.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yoga and Sex

Ooooh look someone other than one of us is saying it!  Yoga = better sex PERIOD:

The Big O in Ohm: Yoga for hotter sex

Not that I do yoga on a regular basis and when I do it generally involves the Wii Fit and an audience of small children.  So, I'm really not an expert.  I'm just flexible from dance lessons as a child, and an obsessive need to be able to touch my forehead to my toes, don't ask me why but I need to rest my head there.

I stumbled upon the article doing LiaV research and thought that y'all would enjoy it since we've joked about yoga a lot.  It's not a study, nor is it by any means scientific, but it makes some valid points.

The Picture is ganked from the article.