Monday, December 7, 2009

Homework Assignments 10 & 11

I hope that everyone was successful last week.  I noticed that very few of you responded.  This week's homework looks interesting.

Assignment 10:


I'm pulling out my heels and potentially a box.

Assignment 11:

Stand and Carry

This one is a classic.  It looks hot, let's see how hot it actually is ...

I suggest looking at the instructions on the page.  We've tried this once before and I think that the key to it is that this is a second position, not a first.


  1. Okay, I'm not that old, but look at the dancer gives me hip cramps.

  2. erinp, Yoga! ;-)
    In the very least limber up a little bit before hand. ;-)

  3. So, we actually did this last Monday after our tree trimming party. I would definitely recommend. Really... you should try it.

  4. A younger, leaner, more flexible me tried both of these, perfect for hot steamy shower sex.

  5. I will DEFINITELY NOT be trying either of these any time soon. I think DH would rather die than try the Stand & Carry right now (8 months prego). Where are the positions for those of us who are mobility/flexibily challenged???

    *Angela...both positions in 1 night? I need details! Like NOW!

  6. Okay, this week's homework assignments are short, sweet and to the point:

    Dancer = epic fail. Our height difference was simply too much to overcome. We tried the boots with heels, me squatting, etc. Simply put, things didn't line up properly.

    Stand and Carry = a non-win, non-fail. What's that? I'm not sure either, but I know that it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. It's functional in that it can be a great way to change locations without losing that special connection between you. Simply put, it's great as a transitional move, but not as the main event.

    Now, we weren't in the shower. I can see how that could change the game and the rules. However, if you are dry and not the same height, give it up and try something else.

  7. I can't say much more about dancer than TheDoc has said already but I will add that stand and carry is kind of neat in that he could pick me up and carry me. Having said that, we didn't stick with either of these positions for very long and ended up at the bathroom counter, with the mirror - think CWaIA or use your imagination.