Thursday, December 31, 2009

Homework: Extra Credit

Alright ladies... Thanks to Mal's frilly panties we're going to have an extra credit assignment this evening.  ;-)

The Doc got me my own Sex Deck for Christmas they're different from the official deck.  (Amazon has it listed in the sporting goods section.) Tonight's extra credit will be coming from there.  At random (I really did shuffle), The following two cards have been chosen:

The Queen of Hearts:
"The Drama Queen" or Bridge

Bridge is the closest approximation I can find, on my card the female recipient is in a more flat supine position.


The Two of Clubs:
"The Ambush" or Screw

Okay, Screw isn't quite right but it's the closest approximation on SexInfo.  In "The Ambush" the woman lays down with her legs bent up and the male comes from the side.

Happy New Year!

(Photo borrowed from the BBC Wales because I thought that the bridge should be smiling.)


  1. okay... so have to say that the ambush or a variation of it has always been a favourite of Mal's... usually the top leg is pulled up perpendicular in the air but we went for the traditional ambush style for the extra credit.. the thing about this is that all parts involved are rubbing in unusual ways which tends to really get one or both partners off... maybe Mal's g-spot is in an odd spot or DH's cock bends in an unusual manner but Mal ALWAYS gets off in a big way at this angle and that makes DH a very happy partner himself.

  2. We tried The Ambush, and all I can say is wow, yep things are rubbing in all sorts of new ways.

  3. Ambush was my choice. I always wanted to try it, and all I can say is AWESOME!!

    Things rub in a different manner and it's really easy to access the clitoris while coming in from this angle. I HIGHLY recommend it!