Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yoga and Sex

Ooooh look someone other than one of us is saying it!  Yoga = better sex PERIOD:

The Big O in Ohm: Yoga for hotter sex

Not that I do yoga on a regular basis and when I do it generally involves the Wii Fit and an audience of small children.  So, I'm really not an expert.  I'm just flexible from dance lessons as a child, and an obsessive need to be able to touch my forehead to my toes, don't ask me why but I need to rest my head there.

I stumbled upon the article doing LiaV research and thought that y'all would enjoy it since we've joked about yoga a lot.  It's not a study, nor is it by any means scientific, but it makes some valid points.

The Picture is ganked from the article.

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