Monday, November 9, 2009

Homework Assignments 4 & 5

I feel that week one's homework went rather well.  Now, we're on to actual sex.  This week may prove more challenging.

Assignment #4:
This is an interesting take on from behind, this one features the woman on top while laying down.

Assignment #5:
And now for something completely different, a squatting technique.

Keep in mind that you may need to try these more than once to make them work.  I think that we learned some valuable lessons from V's post on "Around the Clock II."  Perseverance and a sense of humor might be necessary from here on out. 

Happy researching!

(The Jellyfish is from the funny potato)


  1. Gah! My hubs is away for the week..... *Lambie pouts*

  2. Hmm I might have to lose weight before attempting Pearly Gates...

  3. I've done versions of both...not quite the same positions, but close. Both were very nice. I will have to test these exact positions out this week...hehe. squeee!! excited!

  4. Hmmm... This could prove interesting. Being overweight will impede Pearly Gates and a bum knee will impede Jellyfish. Oh well, half the fun is in the attempt. Of course the other half of the fun is in success!!

  5. hey! Mal does not remember where it said that we needed to take a yoga class just to limber up for these assignements? this is going to be pretty interesting as we've done those positions... like 20 years ago! definitely gonna need the ibuprofen for those aching muscles later...

  6. I fucking fell off the bed - it hurt.

    Yeh I can remember something akin to jellyfish way back when...

  7. I don't think that I'm going to say this often but I'm pretty sure that they're both new to me. I have short legs. So, we may have to try jellyfish on the floor with heels.

  8. Okay, we had one attempt at Pearly Gates. Well, it was really two attempts in the same night, but that's why we practice right?

    So the mounting took a little bit of care, but everything lined up as it should, but after a little go I came out. (And for the record, that is never a pleasant experience when it happens by accident.) We started another position and then worked our way back to Pearly Gates. The second time went much as the first one did. So we gave up on that and moved on to other things to complete the task at hand.

    Looking back, here are the problems to overcome:
    First of all, the description is right, there is a call for ALL leverage on the giver. Be prepared for that.
    Secondly, the receiver needs to balance herself. When wifey tried to stimulate her clitoris, she lost balance (at least she didn't "fucking [fall] off the bed" :)
    Third, next time, I will put a pillow under myself to try and give myself a little better angle and or position.

    With these issues aside, I must admit that this position did not stimulate me in any different or exciting manner physically. It is a very shallow position. Positions like that are fun for playing and starting off, but I like to finish with very deep penetration. Now, I know that comes down to personal preference, but unless it provides something particularly nice for my wife, I don't see this becoming a regular in our repertoire.

  9. We didn't fall off the bed but our attempt at Jellyfish ended with us literally falling into missionary position followed by a few others. There was also a side trip to "Drive Through," , which was totally appreciated as it ended my giggle-fit.

    The Doc will blame other factors but I'm fairly certain that our positioning wasn't right.

    As for Pearly Gates, we should totally try that again with a pillow under him. I think that it might work better that way. It's hot because it's different.

  10. Okay, "Jellyfish"=total fail!

    And then I looked at the picture again, only to realize that we weren't in the right... set up. Admittedly, I am not too eager to try that again, but I will for the sake of research.

    I AM, however, quite excited for the Pearly Gates, part II. I have high hopes for that one :)

  11. First attempt at Pearly Gates didn't go so well. We started out in the Asian Cowgirl (reverse Cowgirl) position which has always been one of my faves. However when I leaned all the way back and onto his chest he slipped out repeatedly when attempting to build the friction. We ended up finishing off in one of our usual positions. Maybe it was an issue of his belly or my butt. We may have to try The Doctor's suggestion of a pillow underneath him. We'll definitely try this again though as I think it would have been especially pleasurable if we can get the logistics straightened out.

    Hubs is off hunting for a week so hopefully we'll try again at his homecoming along with the Jellyfish. It's gonna be a long week...

  12. okay... Mal reporting in, finally... both of these assignments are really not new... never been a fan of Pearly Gates as it is always a fail... DH pops out and it is not comfortable when that happens... jellyfish allows for deeper penetration and DH getting a faceful of the boobies but as for friction ~ nada, nothing so that gets a thumbs down vote as well... not to worry though but all sessions were rectified by moving on to other postions...


    Okay, we attempted this again this morning. (What can say? Morning wood + delayed start at work = early AM noogie)

    Please consider the big problem that everyone faced was popping out. This tells me that the problem is either ladies with large bottoms or men with shorter than neccesary ... um... do I have to say it? I know, the implication is unpleasant on both sides. So we came up with a solution.

    Now for this attempt we did in fact put a pillow underneath me. For lack of a better explaination, it made all the difference in the world! I did not come out, so there were no unpleasant interuptions. (Okay, there was one interuption, but how do you stop a 5yo from coming in to ask if he can go downstairs for breakfast?)

    So, now for the important information. Not only did I stay inside the whole time, but I was deep enough to provide appropriate stimulation for wifey's G-spot!

    Please consider that this position creates a situation where the giver is responsible for EVERYTHING! This is responsible for two things:

    1) My abs are sore! Wow... what a workout!!
    2) Wifey was in near zero control of anything, which actually turned her on even more.

    This was great and helped her achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation (which I could not provide without disproportionaly longer arms). On top of this (pun intended) we even achieved mutual orgasm, which is ALWAYS awesome ;)

    Now, I must admit that with all of these things in mind, the position still was not all that great for my, but she loved it much more. If she likes it, I will do it occasionally.

    So, in summation:
    Pearly Gates without pillow = fail
    Pearly Gates with pillow = win!

    It's amazing how much of a difference that made.
    Hope you enjoy it too!

  14. Can I just say, "Morning sex is THE best!" Hell yeah! Sorry, I'm still a bit giddy.

    Pearly Gates is totally worth the practice.
    Here's my rundown.

    - It's kind of nice to lay down ad have that much skin to skin contact in a rear entry position. I like being the little spoon. There's a sense of security with it.

    - Controlled loss of control - What I mean by this is that while I'm on top which is typically the dominant sexual position and can sit up to change the position to reverse cowgirl at any time, I have absolutely no control over any stimulation. It would be possible to reach down but balancing this one and maintaining contact is tricky.

    -Anytime we achieve simultaneous orgasm = win, hands down no explanation needed.

    I LOVE foggy mornings ... ;-)

  15. We tried jellyfish on Saturday and I haven't posted because it was a colossal failure. I'm fairly certain that I said something wrong. I really don't know what I'm doing ...

  16. Well, what did you say, Angela?

  17. Kat-
    I'm answering you over on Dirty Talk.