Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bat Fellatio

Since Homework Assignments 1-3 are still open I thought this little snippet was inspirational. Fellatio may not be just for fun (then again it might be).

Fellatio in Bats


  1. I'm not sure anyone knows where to go with this. The article is rather interesting. What I'm finding particularly noteworthy is that it sounds like the bats are giving fellatio during intercourse. I might actually need some more yoga to do that. ;-)

  2. I was interested by the fact that it appears to be premeditated in order to prolong intercourse. I've never given thought as to whether that might be true in humans. Does a fellatio aperitif prolong the main course?

  3. I don't know about that as a matter of fact, but for me it is not so much about the felatio itself, but the stopping of action and stimulation to reposition. That (hopefully short) amount of time to shift positions has a profound impact on how quickly I come. So from that perspective it does indeed prolong the main course.

  4. wanna hear something funny... while doing research last week for genetics I was looking for a paper on chile peppers and somehow came across the actual scientific article on fellatio in fruit bats... is it just me or does anything that has to do with sex always find Mal?

  5. This is a TRUE fact!
    But they didn't mention they also partake in self fellatio... frecuently.

    There's a big zoo in my city, and they have a giant glass room full of fruit bats. You can either watch from the outside or go inside. Everytime I go there... the fruit bats are all, let's say, "up and about". I only saw ONE case of one bat preforming on another... the rest were all self sufficient as it was.